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An app to manage your business's payroll


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If you're a business owner and you have a relatively small number of employees, you might be able to eliminate the extra cost of hiring a payroll manager to do paperwork that you could do yourself with this program.

This tool is designed to settle everything related to employee payroll and tax management directly from your office.

The program lets you set the number of businesses to be managed, as well as the number of work centers as needed. It also includes a complete list of collective agreements that can be applied to the wage packages of your employees.

To add your employees to the program database, the program presents for each employee a complete set of fields to which you can assign a code that will help you manage the entries more easily.

Payroll can be managed on either a weekly or a monthly basis according to your needs, and you can also include temporary staff. The program also allows you to print receipts and make payments by check or bank transfer.

In short, this a very thorough tool that gives you everything needed to manage your company's payments by yourself.

The Demo mode only allows the addition of up to two employees.
Some functions are disabled.

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